Mommy Make-Over

By R. Samuel Bryant, MD, Cometic Surgeon

December 27, 2010

There are few things that make a greater change in your life than pregnancy. There is the discomfort and difficulty finding clothing that fit; the unplanned arrival time; a baby that requires your attention 24/7; and the total exhaustion when the baby finally goes to sleep. Even after that, there is the disappointment that your body did not return to your pre-pregnant condition. You can exercise, eat healthy, and smother your body with miracle lotions, but the reality is that the damage has been done.

Mommy Make-Over is a trendy name for a time tested combination of procedures to reverse some of the changes that resulted from pregnancy. Typically, these changes include loose, hanging abdominal skin and deflated or droopy breasts. With a combination procedure of abdominoplasty and mastopexy, and/or breast augmentation, your pre-pregnant condition can return.

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a very popular procedure to get rid of the excess skin and fat of the abdomen. Generally, all of the skin between the belly button and pelvis is removed. The upper abdomen skin is then stretched to cover the exposed muscle. The operation requires you to be asleep, and so it is performed at a surgical hospital with general anesthesia. Most women will need to spend the night at the hospital.

A breast lift involves removing excess skin in order to raise the breast for a more "perky" appearance. The size remains the same, but the shape is much improved. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with a breast augmentation to make the breast larger as well.

The recovery from this combination of procedures is predictable. There is some pain for a few days, and posture may be a little “bent over” at first, but most women are able to get on with their normal home life quickly. Return to work can vary and some women may choose to take a week off in order to get their energy back.

A cost estimate for a combined Mommy Make-Over including tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation with implants, is well under $10,000, including surgeon fees, hospital costs with overnight stay, and anesthesia charges. This is everything except your post-op pain medication prescription.

If you would like more specific information, you should call my office at 402.484.7001 for a free consultation. At that time, I will sit with you and discuss the procedure. During an examination, we will determine precisely which procedures are needed to give you the result you desire. You will have an exact cost at the end of the appointment.