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Mommy Make-Over
By R. Samuel Bryant, MD, Cometic Surgeon
December 27, 2010

There are few things that make a greater change in your life than pregnancy. There is the discomfort and difficulty finding clothing that fit; the unplanned arrival time; a baby that requires your attention 24/7; and the total exhaustion when the baby finally goes to sleep. Even after that, there is the disappointment that your body did not return to your pre-pregnant condition...read more 

Are Your Eyes Bad For Your Business
By R. Samuel Bryant, MD, Cometic Surgeon
October 7, 2010

Ask anyone: what’s the first thing that you notice when you meet someone? Chances are they will say the eyes. A simple look says volumes. We show emotion, elicit trust, offer friendship. All with our eyes...read more 

These Bulges Will Never Go Away!
By R. Samuel Bryant, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon
July 26, 2010

“I diet. I exercise. I don’t eat junk food. Why can’t I regain my figure?” Does that sound familiar? It is possible to have a nice shape with diet and exercise alone, but most careers don’t allow the extra time needed to accomplish good results...read more 

Plastic Surgeons: Do You Get What You Pay For?
By R. Samuel Bryant, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon
June 4, 2010

All plastic surgeons are not alike. Yet it is difficult to tell them apart by reading their advertising. Determining who is best for you is much more involved than just comparing their fees. Do you get what you pay for? Not necessarily...read more